Season from mid-February to May or until sold out. Check for opening times
4 Beltana Rd
With some trees dating back to the 1930s, Beltana Grange grows apples, pears and quinces and sells all fruit freshly-picked at the orchard. The Hauptmanns have been here since 1952 and were the first to grow Gala apples in Australia and install trickle irrigation. They have worked with CSIRO to develop a minimal spray program.
Season from February to June – check for opening times
5 Beltana Rd
For over 30 years the Kerrison family has aimed to produce fruit of the highest quality: the very best in appearance, texture and taste and sold virtually ‘straight off the tree’, within a day or two of being picked. Enjoy the unique experience of driving through the orchard to the shop in the middle of the property.
PIALLIGO APPLES T 02 6248 9228
Season February - May, 9am-5pm weekends, Thursday- Friday if fruit available
10 Beltana Rd
This is an organically certified orchard with a well-known roadside stall. The freshly-picked and tree-ripened apples, other fruit and seasonal vegetables are all grown on the block. There are more than 60 apple varieties, including many heritage, special purpose and modern varieties. Fresh apple juice and cider vinegar are available.

PIALLIGO APPLE YURT T 026247 4116               
Season February to May/June, Thursday – Sunday, 9am–5pm until sold out
14 Beltana Rd

Selling 20 different varieties of apples, pears and quinces through their friendly    yurt shop, this orchard picks each variety at the optimal time to give the best flavour. There is no long-term storage of fruit and minimal levels of sprays are applied. This can mean some damage from pests, but careful inspection ensures maximum quality.